Benefits & Methods Of LED Lighting

We have assembled a few articles explaining benefits of keeping up with the evolving technology of lighting. If you have questions about your project, and the costs-benefits, along with using incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon, call our office today or send an email.

Parking Garage Lighting

San Mateo County drives down electricity costs in parking garage with efficient T8 lamps and wireless lighting controls.

San Mateo County cut lighting energy use by 67% through a lighting retrofit with wireless controls at the parking garage serving the County’s administrative campus.

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Lighting Retrofit

A lighting retrofit is a simple way to make your building's lighting more energy efficient.

Over time, these energy savings can be significant enough to not only pay for the equipment, but may produce a return on investment.

Lighting retrofits improve the quality of light, and also result in less heat in the building envelope reducing HVAC run times.

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Parking Lot Lighting

Case Study & ROI

CBT Development, the developer and property owner of a retail shopping center anchored by T.J.Maxx in Manchester, New Hampshire, was incurring unusually high costs for parking lot maintenance from frequent lamp replacement and determined that poor power quality was the cause.

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Lighting Fixture Maintenance

Nowadays, the decision to relight or remodel a property is no longer one of just aesthetics. With the EPAct and other tax credits and deductions available, and taking into account the reduction of energy costs over time, the potential savings are substantial. The question now is how much money do you want to save? And how do you want to save it?

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Residential Complex 2024

From the ground up, 45+ condos being constructed along the golf course covering all electrical systems.

KOA Park 2024

New KOA park for recreational vehicles requiring electrical system and various voltage requirements.

Boise Cascade 2023

Electrical systems, installing explosion proof propane tank, and a complete lighting retrofit using LEDs.