Lighting Retrofit Services

One study reported that lighting accounts for about 11% of energy use in residential buildings and 18% in commercial buildings, which means it uses the second largest amount of energy in buildings after heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Lighting Retrofit

New lighting technologies are many times more efficient than traditional technologies.

Business lighting upgrades are referred to as a retrofit in many instances. A new lighting system will maximize the use of green technology; aka LED lighting. As well, the electrical system which includes wiring and the control panel may also require an upgrade.

Timers and sensors can reduce light usage to the necessary level; these options use technology to mimic the behavior described above. Sensors come in a variety of models that serve different purposes, and certain types of sensors and light fixtures are more appropriate together than others. For example, lamps that take a long time to start are not suitable for sensors that turn off and on frequently.

What is The Cost Of Lighting Your Business?

Businesses invest in a retrofit because the energy savings over a period of time will pay for the lighting upgrade. Ask us about how your project may qualify for a cash incentive or rebate.

By taking the time to create a lighting design plan that meets the needs of the space and its occupants, businesses can improve the quality of their environment and increase the productivity of their employees.

This is control box under construction at a local housing project.
  • Warehouse Lighting Retrofit

  • Retail Outlet Lighting

  • Warehouse Lighting

  • Warehouse Lighting

  • Warehouse Lighting

  • Retail Outlet Electrical Systems

  • Ice Skating Rink Lighting Maintenance

  • New Electrical System

  • New Lighting System

  • Electrical System Construction

  • New Office Lighting System

  • Lighting System Maintenance

  • Lighting Retrofit Resturant

  • New Retail Store Lighting System

Three Questions To Consider

Energy savings often offset the cost of these projects over time. The upgrade improves light levels and reduces maintenance costs.

Three questions to consider are the following:
1. Would you like to know what it is costing you to light your facility? (cost of ownership)
2. Would you like to reduce energy usage in your business?
3. Are you looking for an investment to enhance your building value?