5 Tips To Achieve Energy Savings

Aztec Electrical is a certified Trade Ally Contractor with the Energy Trust of Oregon, which offers incentives and rebates to energy saving projects.

5 Tips To Achieve Energy Savings

#1 Are you using a gas furance? You can always keep your home cozy by upgrading to an ENERGY STAR® qualified high-efficiency gas furnace. Your new gas furnace will deliver clean, consistent heat while using less energy overall, so you can enjoy a warm home, inmproved energy savings to reduuce your monthly gas bill.

#2 The Energy Trust of Oregon ks teaming up with Pacific Power to offer limited-time increased incentives to qualifying customers that install energy efficient upgrades in their home. There may also be incemntives for your business.

#3 Are you using solar energy? A solar water heating system is an effective method you can save energy and reduce costs in your home, or if you have a swimming pool, a solar pool heating system will help you reduce energy costs.

#4 The technology of smart thermostats is faily new. They use sensors to determine when you’re away. We can help you teach them your daily schedule, including using local weather information to make energy-saving temperature changes automatically.

#5 Heat pumps are a trusted technology to provide year-round comfort. They will help you save energy by moving heat in or out of your home, depending on the season. Since heat pumps move heat instead of creating it, they are highly efficient.

Residential Complex 2024

From the ground up, 45+ condos being constructed along the golf course covering all electrical systems.

KOA Park 2024

New KOA park for recreational vehicles requiring electrical system and various voltage requirements.

Boise Cascade 2023

Electrical systems, installing explosion proof propane tank, and a complete lighting retrofit using LEDs.

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