Lighting Design Ideas

One aspect of light design that is common for commercial projects and residential projects is LED lighting.

Overview - Residence

Two types of lighting typically considered in a plan are exterior lights and interior lights.

At your home, exterior lighting is generally security lighting but also includes lighting around specific actions, for example, parking a vehicle or action-triggered (motion-sensored) lighting.

Inside lighting covers accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Each of those can have features for motion detection activation. Plus, the design varies from room to room. The ambient lighting in the kitchen will vary from the ambient lighting in the living room. The lighting on the patio will be different from the lighting on the front porch.

We will collaborate with you to make the best possible solution fit your budget.

Overview - Commerical

Commercial lighting plans have the same types of lighting but different applications.

Outside lighting also has security lighting, but it can vary with motion sensors and be integrated with security cameras. This lighting can be set up in parking lots or warehouses, which require very different lighting products than a garage at a residence.

Interior lighting for the business can require more sensitive settings depending on the environment. For example, lighting in refraction is turned on when motion is detected, and the same is true of hallways. As well, lighting in the business office area may need to adhere to regulations set by law or federal regulations.


We will assist you in designing a lighting plan for your home or business to take advantage of available incentives and comply with local regulations.

For years, we have been successfully working with property owners, business owners, and construction firms to build top-quality lighting and electrical plans, along with providing periodic maintenance.

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