Lighting Design Incentive Programs

For years we have been helping homeowners and businesses, large and small, with electrical expertise in ways that improve energy efficiency.


We help you identify the best program, install the equipment, and provide support to properly complete the application process.

Your new lighting design project can be an upgrade to your existing system or a new construction project.

Often times, the savings received from installing energy-efficient upgrades will pay for improvements in just a few years.

Three Points To Consider

Lighting Design - Affordable & Easy

According to the ETO website, lighting upgrades are often the best—and easiest—way to make energy-efficient improvements to your commercial property or business. Upgrading to new energy-efficient lighting, fixtures, and controls can save energy, improve the customer experience, and increase employee productivity. The Energy Trust makes these upgrades more affordable with cash incentives for lighting and lighting control projects.

Equipment Specifications

These are a few of the equipment specifications for quality lighting design: LED retrofit lamps, interior LED, exterior LED, high-bay or low-bay LED, lighting controls, LED cooler or freezer display case lighting (including motion sensors and LEDs), street lighting, custom street lighting controls, street lighting upgrades, custom lighting controls, and/or custom lighting.

Four Steps To Your Project

  1. Establish the criteria and scope of work to determine if your project is eligible. Read More
  2. Contact us to submit your project documentation. If your lighting project is eligible, you will receive an Incentive Application Form (120L) from Energy Trust. You must review, sign, and submit that form by the deadline listed on the form.
  3. Install your equipment before the date your incentive registration expires. Aztec Electrical will perform the work and assist you in meeting the requirements.
  4. You receive a Completion Certificate form (140L) from EOT. That form needs your review and signature to finalize the incentive being distributed to you.