Ideas To Reduce Energy Consumption

Expertise and techniques to help you reduce energy costs at home and in your business.


Our electrician will help reduce energy costs in several ways at your home. Two of the most common methods are installing energy-efficient lighting and upgrading your electrical panel. For example, replacing your current lighting system with a more energy-efficient alternative such as LED bulbs, which consume less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Ideas To Reduce Energy Use

In business lighting one common solution is installing more efficient light fixtures such as compact fluorescent lights which require less energy than traditional bulbs while producing brighter illumination.

Take advantage of our product-neutral knowledge and lighting design experience at home, as well as, in commercial and industrial facilities.

Our expertise includes being able to understand your project requirements, at home or at your business, plus being able to apply what utility rebates and other available programs offer cash rebates or other incentives based on the scope of your project.

Our electrician inspects your electrical systems, including wiring, switches, and outlets, in order to prevent potential problems and also to make sure everything thing is in proper working order. In some homes and businesses we have seen rodents or animals make a mess of electrical wiring, especially in the rural areas.

Appliances are another area of concern when it comes to reducing energy costs. it’s not uncommon for air conditioners to leak which can waste energy without proper maintenance. It's worthwhile to examine all your major appliances periodically for possible problems or leakages that may lead to higher electricity bills if not addressed immediately.

By completing regular inspections and maintenance, our electrician can identify any potential risks or deficiencies that may be impacting the home’s overall energy efficiency.

We are a trade ally contractor with the Energy Trust of Oregon. They offer different cash incentives and rebates in a variety of programs that cover many components of which contribute to your energy usage including cooling systems, fireplaces, heating systems, insulation, kitchen appliances, LED grow lights, solar, thermostat, washer/dryer, water heater, and windows.

Residential Complex 2024

From the ground up, 45+ condos being constructed along the golf course covering all electrical systems.

KOA Park 2024

New KOA park for recreational vehicles requiring electrical system and various voltage requirements.

Boise Cascade 2023

Electrical systems, installing explosion proof propane tank, and a complete lighting retrofit using LEDs.