5 Tips To Hiring An Electrician

Aztec Electrical has licensed and trained electricians with knowledge and experience to design, build and service your home, business, and industrial projects.

Tips To Hiring An Electrician

#1 How much does electrical work cost? The answer varies depending on scope of work and variables dealing with your current environment/system. It will depend on what you want to be done, your time frame for the completion, and whether yours is an urgent callout and how much materials and parts will cost.

#2 When you’re looking for a professional electrical work in your home, look for a person with experienced in similar environments/projects. That person will have encountered just about every electrical issue an existing home can throw at an owner. More importantly, he or she should know how to resolve them.

#3 Check the qualifications: Journeyman electricians are licensed to install wiring and equipment. Master electricians meet more stringent requirements and can plan, design, install and maintain an electrical system.

#4 Hire an electrician who specializes in your need — repair, new construction, remodeling project, or specific other needs related to the work yoou want to accomplish.

#5 Verify the electrician’s license, and check ratings or ask for recommendations.

Residential Complex 2024

From the ground up, 45+ condos being constructed along the golf course covering all electrical systems.

KOA Park 2024

New KOA park for recreational vehicles requiring electrical system and various voltage requirements.

Boise Cascade 2023

Electrical systems, installing explosion proof propane tank, and a complete lighting retrofit using LEDs.