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Benefits of LED Lighting

Manage your existing energy efficiency can be transformed with technical assistance and cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon. At Aztec Electrical we are a certified Trade Ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Four Top Benefits of LED Lighting .......

1. Long Life

Long life time stands out as the number one benefit of LED lights. LED bulbs have an operational life time expectation of up to 100.000 hours. This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation.

2. Energy Efficiency

Today's most efficient way of illumination and lighting, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. This means that about 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light.

With traditional incandescent light bulbs who operate at 20% energy efficiency only, a 80% of the electricity is lost as heat.

Because the long life span of LED lights, also the maintenance work - think of all the work and energy it would take to purchase, stock and change the conventional light bulbs of an airport - you’ll see that you can make significant energy savings also when it comes to maintenance and replacement due to the long operational life times of LED lighting.

3. Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures

LED are ideal for operation under cold and low outdoor temperature settings. For fluorescent lamps, low temperatures may affect operation and present a challenge, but LED illumination operates well also in cold settings, such as for outdoor winter settings, freezer rooms etc..

4. Zero UV Emissions

LED illumination produces little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.

Because of this, LED lighting is highly suitable not only for goods and materials that are sensitive to heat due to the benefit of little radiated heat emission, but also for illumination of UV sensitive objects or materials such a in museums, art galleries, archeological sites etc.

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Lower Energy Costs, At Home Or Your Business, We Will Show You How

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Aztec Electrical is up-to-date on the latest Energy Trust standards, quality control requirements and incentives.

Aztec Electrical is proud to be qualified as a Trade Ally contractor. With our knowledge and services we provide you with ideas on energy efficiency and renewable energy services with products to help you use energy wisely. Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable power.

Energy-efficient lighting upgrades represent the highest return on investment (ROI) of any single-technology project, with an average ROI of 45 percent. These upgrades pay for themselves in as little as 2.2 years and the payback continues over the lifetime of the system through reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Read our news and reporting to learn about our current projects and the news of what is going on with energy trends. It is easy to read our blog here.

Reduce your carbon footprint by consuming less electricity, your facility can reduce its electrical load, thus reducing the demand and associated emissions from "off-site" power generation. Check out the benefits of using the Energy Trust of Oregon, we are a Trade Ally Contractor with them.